Verizon’s Visual Voicemail reveals MUCH More

by Rob on June 19th, 2008

We recently learned that Verizon Wireless will be joining the ranks of AT&T and Sprint in offering Visual Voicemail. It’s a pretty handy tool that will allow you to view a list of your voicemail’s and who they are from so you can listen to them in any order you’d like. Neat, but not the most exciting part of the “announcement”.

Inside documents from Verizon about Visual Voicemail provide some insight into rumored and previously unheard of new handsets. And new phone rumors, ladies and gentlemen, makes us more happy than a bucket of rainbows.

5 actual handsets are listed as being “affected” by the adoption of Verizon Visual Voicemail:

  • Voyager (Refresh)
  • Motorola Utopia (Vu30)
  • LG Chocolate 3 (vx8560)
  • New RIM Device (touchscreen)
  • Blaze (touchscreen)

There’s an AWFUL lot to chew on here folks.

First of all, this means we’ll DEFINITELY be seeing something new from the LG Voyager. Whether its just a software update (much needed) or a new hardware release in time for the holidays, we’re not quite sure. But its exciting to see new Voyager mentions in the mix as it simply doesn’t get enough credit.

The Motorola Utopia and Motorola Blaze are two BRAND NEW devices that haven’t really been mentioned up to this point. Who knows what they could be. But without a decent Motorola Touch Screen in the United States, this looks like pretty big news.

See that “New RIM Device (touchscreen)” our bets – as well as everyone elses – are that this means the BlackBerry Thunder (still unannounced) will have Visual Voicemail. Sweet!

And then there is the Chocolate 3 which is less exciting since we can pretty much get our arms around everything there. But for the other 4 cans of worms opened, we’ll keep you up to date as the news rolls in, so check back in!

By the way, the Visual Voicemail won’t be a free addition, it’ll cost you an extra $1.99 per month.

[Sources: EngadgetMobile, Gizmodo]

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