Android Market PWNS iPhone App Store

by Rob on August 28th, 2008

Android has been hyped since November 2007 and the potential of the mobile phone OS has been talked about in geek circles for quite some time. Yes, Android COULD unlock the true potential of mobile communication but a lot of that would depend on how they handle the distribution of applications.

Well, it looks like Google will accomplish what they set out to do by announcing a truly open Application Market for Android that will allow ALL developers to EASILY create accounts and UPLOAD APPS to the market without scrutiny from bigwigs.

This is a major blow to Apple, the iPhone and their inexcusable Application Review and Reject process. It looks like Android will live up to all the hype afterall!

Head over to our HTC Dream forum to talk about the first ever Android Phone or the folks at Android Forums have a full website dedicated to the topic!

Here is the official announcement from Google

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