Garmin NuviFone Delayed Until 2009

by Rob on August 30th, 2008

When GPS powerhouse Garmin announced they’d launch their first ever mobile phone in time for the holidays, there was a burst of excitement. It seemed like a naturalĀ  transition that could become one of the top Tech gifts of the holidays. Unfortunately, that will have to wait until the 2009 holidays as the Nuvifone won’t be launching until January at the earliest.

So why the delay? Because Garmin will make the NuviFone exclusive to ONE carrier in each geographic area. Just like the iPhone is only available on AT&T in the United States, so will the Nuvifone be limited to one carrier. Negotiations with the mobile carriers are what has taken longer than expected.

Quite frankly, its disappointing to see more and more of these manufacturers choosing carrier exclusivity. Sure, they probably make a ton of money up front. But isn’t the iPhone App Store and Android Market proof that openness is what wins consumers over? Let people CHOOSE!

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