LG Watch Phone Coming Soon!

by Rob on December 30th, 2008

When we saw news that the LG Watch Phone would debut at CES 2009 in Las Vegas, we weren’t really all that surprised. Afterall, LG premiered a watch phone the previous year as well. However, last year’s model was a concept and this year, well… this year is the real thing:

However, “real” probably only applies if you live in Asia or Europe… to the rest of the world it will be little more than a figment of your imagination – meaning it won’t be widely/publicly available on the carrier of your choice.

What will you be missing out on? A kick arse fashion statement, 3G connectivity, 1.43″ color touchscreen LCD, Text To Speech, MP3 Player and Video Conferencing.

I’m still surprised that nobody as of yet has mentioned the LG Watch Phone from last year’s event. To refresh your memory, check it out:

First reported by Akihabara News, we stopped by IntoMobile, BoingBoing, BGR, CrunchGear and UnwiredView before wondering why nobody else mentioned last year’s LG watch phone.

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