SkyBox To Become My Phone… WHY?

by Rob on February 6th, 2009

Microsoft has Windows Mobile on its fair share of phones. Unfortunately it gets absolutely punished in terms of smartphone platform critique and it has failed to become a popular consumer platform, mostly used for enterprise. You would THINK since WINDOWS is the most popular PC platform by a landslide that this should translate to mobile success, right? Wrong. Absolutely wrong. And that is something Microsoft is working to change.

It appears as though Microsoft might rebrand phones with Windows Mobile simply as “Windows Phone” which, in terms of positioning themselves in the minds of consumers, would be a huge step forward. Buy they aren’t just rebranding by changing names… they are launching SkyMarket, SkyLine and SkyBox to further their product line and offerings. But here is where Microsoft might be making its big mistake.

The change from WinMo to Windows Phone is good. Why then would they launch their “SkyBox” product at yet refer to the service as “My Phone”:


The above screenshot was captured by EngadgetMobile and while their fixing a branding problem on one hand their creating a new problem in the other:

  • Domain Name features one brand identity
  • Product/Service on that domain is separate brand identity
  • Neither reflect Windows Phone or Windows Mobile brand identity

If consumers are confused now, wait until you drop this stupidity bomb on them. The Mobile World Congress is coming up and it is feasible that they’re simply using as a staging ground or that MyPhone is a beta name but we just hope hope HOPE that Microsoft sticks with simplifying their mobile brand presence. They have enough problems as it is.

By the way, it appears as if is now down and showing nothing.

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