Upcoming Sprint Phones Include Instinct Mini, Rumor 2

by Rob on February 11th, 2009

Sprint customers in-the-know have one question they probably ponder each and every day – when will the Palm Pre launch? While that’s still left unanswered, a few questions you didn’t know you had answered themselves:


  • Samsung Instinct Mini – take the original Samsung Instinct. Shrink it. Remove a few options. Drop the price. BAM… the Instinct Mini.
  • LG Rumor 2 – Coming in Black and Blue in March.
  • Palm Treo Pro – target of March 15th. Could change
  • LG LX370 – Mid Range slider coming April/May
  • HTC Cedar – first seen here, coming to Sprint

Put it in the BGR Rumor File… which tend to make their way into the “proved correct” file before long.

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