32GB iPhone On The Way?

by Rob on April 9th, 2009

8gbnandIn order to build phones you first need phone parts. And for Apple, they seem to require 100 million 8GB NAND Flash Chips – DigiTimes just reported that is exactly what they purchased from Samsung Electronics. We can safely assume they’ll find their way into SOME Apple product. Why not a 32GB iPhone?

Apple’s iPhone 3.0 software adds video recording capabilities and with a 16GB iPhone model being the current max, it wouldn’t be surprising if the company added a 32GB model this summer. Since you would need four 8GB chips to meet that 32GB amount, this purchase could account for 25 million 32GB iPhones! It is likely that these chips will be used in other Apple products as well, but this is a good indication that a 32GB iPhone is on the way!

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  1. 1. Bob wrote on April 13, 2009

    Your smoking crack, bad!

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