Weekend Roundup (4/3/2009)

by Rob on April 13th, 2009

decimalRemember way back in grade school when you were learning fractions and decimals and you wanted to select the closest integer for said fraction or decimal? Now if that integer was LARGER than the fraction/decimal itself, what would you be doing? A ROUND UP – and we’re not doing exactly that but we ARE rounding up mobile news from this past weekend so here is what we all missed:

Bluetooth 3.0 Coming This Month
Currently Bluetooth 2.0 is the industry standard but later this month the Bluetooth Special Interest Group will announce Bluetooth 3.0 which will allow for WiFi speeds of Bluetooth profiles. The ability to share and send video, music and photos is about to get much quicker. Via Phonescoop.

Windows Mobile 7 Themes
Microsoft needs Windows Mobile to drop pretty desperately because version 6.5 doesn’t improve enough for it to compete with the big boys. Most of the changes in 6.5 seem surface, for example, the “themes” that have been leaking out. Case and point.

Samsung Louvre Confirmed By Retailers
Samsung wasn’t ready to make this product announcements themselves, but that didn’t stop two retailers from telling us know the Samsung Louvre is on the way. Both Expansys and Phonehouse.nl have posted the unannounced phone for sale with an incredibly brief product description for the B7610 Louvre. It appears to be a Samsung Glyde running the Windows Mobile operating system but don’t write that in stone.

T-Mobile 3G RollOut
We’re way late on this but T-Mobile customers awaiting 3G or cell customers awaiting to sign up for T-Mobile until their city gets 3G can put a pencil to their calendar as a rumored leak list of upcoming 3G cities has hit the intertubes. For the full list and months visit TMOnews.

LG GD900 Demo Video
From CTIA, CrunchGear/MobileCrunch have a lookesee at the LG GD900 which they’re torn between. Here is a quick video demo but for their summarize impression visit their article.

Samsung Omnia HD Passes FCC
The FCC always gives Americans a delightful look into future phones to come and this past week saw the Samsung Omnia HD make its way through the regulatory approval stages. Along with the Samsung Omnia HD came a slew of other handsets, most notably the T-Mobile Sidekick 3G. For a full list of phones that passed the FCC on Friday, hit up the CNET article.

New iPhone Hardware Details Slip
How appropriate for Apple to give us some Easter Eggs over Easter Weekend. The company has announced their new software iPhone 3.0, but information on new handsets rumored to be coming this summer are sparse if existent. However, some poorly hidden hints in the software lead us to probabilities we’ll see in the upcoming hardware. They include video recorder, auto-focus camera, digital compass, tethering capabilities, voice control and “find my iPhone”  feature. For a complete list with screenshots, visit Wired.com.

Nokia 5530 XpressMusic Rumored
The Nokia 5800 XpressMusic was Nokia’s first touch screen device and the company hopes to make many more, including the Nokia 4430 XpressMusic if the rumors are true. It is said to be a miniature version of the 5800 and include a 2.9 inch touchscreen display, Symbian S60, WiFi, 3.2MP camera, 3.5mm headphone jack, FM radio, 150MB internal memory and MicroSD extension slot. It will likely be more affordable than its older brother, something Nokia fans craving a touchscreen will surely appreciate. Source.

Palm Pre Launch Date Possibilities
Sprint employees have already begun their training for the Palm Pre which means that the launch date is right around the corner. But which corner? According to one source, Sprint has scheduled TWO launch dates – one on May 17th and the other on June 29th. If the carrier can get enough units in stock to fulfill demand, they will launch on May 17th. If not, they will hold off until June 29th when they can ensure fulfillment. This comes from Phone News.

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