Verizon Readying A Barrage Of Androids

by Rob on September 18th, 2009

android-robotIn a very interesting turn of events, it seems that Verizon Wireless is ready to release at least 4 Android Phones before the year comes to an end. We’ve known about the Motorola Sholes but over the past week 3 more Android Phones have been rumored as heading towards Verizon: HTC Desire, HTC Passion and HTC Predator.

We can’t verify the validity of these claims but it would make a lot of sense – HTC hasn’t launched any new Android Phones since the HTC Hero several months ago and the company is definitely a pace-setter for that platform. The interesting/awkward is that Verizon will be blazing such a path with the Open Source OS they initially seemed to hate so much.

We’ll keep you posted on whether these rumors pan out… keep your fingers crossed!

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