Motorola Shadow/Mirage Emerges With Specs and Mysterious Pic

by Elias Chiddicks on December 31st, 2009

Its always good to see Motorola coming out with new product, and this is no exception. When the company said they would be focusing on Android-powered handsets they certainly weren’t lying. So, without further ado, meet your first inverted oddball photo of the Motorola Mirage aka Shadow freshly leaked off of a Chinese website.


Specifications for this newest member of Moto’s force look pretty strong. Sporting a 4.3 inch display, 800 x 484 resolution, HDMI port, 8 megapixel camera, 1080p video playback all packed into a 9mm thickness. The styling looks to be a similar to that of the DROID, which we think is a pretty good road to follow.

By the way, Engadget gets the credit for figuring out that the top image just needed a quick inverse to make sense.

[Via BGR]

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