2019 HVAC Repair, Installation & Service Average Cost

Are you in need of Central Air Conditioning System Inspection or Repair Services?

If you are in need of HVAC repair services for your cooling system or heat pump so that you can provide better indoor air quality in your home or business, this article today will provide you with the average cost for these services in 2019 so that you can  understand just how much money you may have to spend.

We all know that there is nothing worse than having to make that phone call to a heating and air conditioning repair company when the fan motor stops working on our heating and cooling system and not knowing just how much money we are going to have to spend to fix it.  

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Well, after today you should no longer have that problem.  So with no more delays, let’s get started!

Average Cost In 2019 For Heating and Cooling Services

In 2019 the average cost of HVAC repairs ranges from $150 to $450. Generally, most homeowners find themselves spending around $268 on furnace repairs and services and $319 on air conditioner repairs and servicing. 

HVAC contractors additionally charge an hourly rate of about 150 dollars and the minimum service call fee ranges from 75 dollars to 200 dollars respectively. This normally applies in the first hour of the call.

For an air conditioner, the diagnostic cost is usually about 89 dollars and 100 dollars for tune-up runs respectively. If there is additional repair required for the heating and cooling equipment, there will be a definite increase in the cost as well. 

However, if your AC and furnace are well maintained, they will actually save you some money on the overall cost. Something else is that the AC repair charges are also influenced greatly by the brand of HVAC equipment you have installed as well as the size of your house.

Basic Hourly HVAC Rates

The hourly rates for HVAC repairs normally range up to 150 dollars an hour and most homeowners usually end up spending around 450 dollars for an HVAC service. This sum amount is able to cover the HVAC contractors’ wages as well as the additional cost accrued while the activity was being carried out.

Common HVAC Service Call Rates

Many of the HVAC companies are usually very lenient on the charges for a service call. The cost of service calls usually ranges from 75 to 200 dollars. Normally this amount is usually deducted from the bill or applied as the first hour of the labor cost. 

It is usually very important to ask the HVAC technician the rates they charge for an HVAC service call before hiring them altogether.

Average HVAC Tune-Up Rates

The average cost for tune-ups is usually about 85 dollars up to 110 dollars. This rate caters to the HVAC technicians’ services which will include cleaning the filters, proper inspection of the system, repairing the worn out parts as well as blowing out all the dust and dirt in your system. 

One should, however, know that the Annual HVAC service cost usually ranges from 150 dollars to 300 dollars respectively and the good thing is that it also includes one or two tune-ups. Additionally, they are also usually able to do things like refilling the refrigerants where needed and even go further and swap out fan blades when required to do so.

Flat-Rate HVAC Charges

Normally, most HVAC contractors usually charge a flat rate for the small issues they are called to look into and fix. The good thing about receiving a flat rate for a homeowner is that it can save you money because even when the repair takes longer than what was thought, the price will not change at all.

2019 Emergency HVAC Cost

The emergency services usually cost double or even triple the normal rates. These services will cost a homeowner about 140 dollars to 210 dollars respectively on the lower side and about 400 to 600 dollars on the higher side respectively. 

Some HVAC technicians will be lenient and charge the homeowner only an extra 40 dollars to $80 per hour on weekends and after hour’s services.

2019 AC Service Cost

Most homeowners spend around $319 on average for air conditioner servicing but the price normally ranges from $125 to $459 respectively. Normally, for service calls, the average price is $80 to $200. 

As you can see, these HVAC companies are lenient to their customers in a huge way.

Average Furnace Service & Repair Costs

The average cost of servicing a furnace is $268. However, most homeowners usually spend between $130 to $350 respectively. Additionally, most HVAC technicians usually charge between $100 to $150 per hour for any repairs done on the furnace. For any diagnostic test done on your HVAC equipment, the fees are usually 90 dollars.

Air Duct Repair Cost

Duct repair is usually estimated in linear footage. Repairing the ductwork in your home usually, costs you about $2 to 4$ per linear footage as compared to $35 to $55 per linear foot that is charged when it comes to replacing existing ductwork. 

The total cost of replacing ductwork for a home can range from $1,500 to $4,000 as most homes have the ducting square footage of about 30 to 90 feet respectively.

What are the average HVAC inspection charges in 2019?

The inspection charges usually cost around $50 to $125 respectively. Having an inspection done on your HVAC equipment is usually very important in ensuring a new system is installed in the right way as well as ensure a broken system has been repaired correctly. 

These HVAC technicians who carry out inspections ensure that the system meets the HERS (Home energy rating systems) verification and testing requirements. The reality is any HVAC equipment requires to be inspected as this is usually a part of the permitting process altogether.

HVAC Cleaning Cost

On average, a homeowner will have to part ways with $300 to $1000 for cleaning out the air ducts on their HVAC altogether. This counts for about $35 for every single duct. HVAC technicians usually recommend cleaning your air duct after 2 years. 

This usually is very helpful as it improves the efficiency of your system helping you keep the bills down.

Now that you know the average cost of heating and cooling repair, service and installation services, let’s take a look at some question you should ask every HVAC company before hiring them.

3 Questions To Ask Every HVAC Contractor Before Hiring Them

1. Do you offer free estimates, and if not, what are your estimate charges?

2. How much do you charge for an emergency or after-hour services?

3. Does the company have a maintenance plan and what is its cost?

These questions are very important to ask as they will give you a clear picture of the nature of the HVAC company you are about to hire.


Now that you know the average cost of all the heating and air conditioning repair, installation and maintenance services in 2019 as well as what question to ask each HVAC contractor before hiring them, the next time your heating and cooling system stop working there is no need to panic.

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