Find Best Dodge Cars For Sale Columbia, SC Has To Offer

Are you looking for the Best Dodge Cars for Sale in Columbia, South Carolina?

If you are looking to find the best Dodge Trucks, SUVs, and cars for sale Columbia SC has to offer but are not sure where to start do not worry.

Today you will learn what to look for in a Dodge car to find your dream vehicle not matter if it is a Dodge Charger with the description used in 2013 or the description used in 2014 with leather seats, alloy wheels, a navigation system, and cruise control.  

In today’s article, you will not only learn how to find the best used Dodge cars for sale with the best terms of service but you will also learn how to find the best car dealerships in Columbia, SC that has the best customer service staff and top 5 used Dodge cars for sale in Columbia, SC today.

For a look at the “Ultimate Dodge Charger Buying Guide” be sure to watch the following video:

So let’s get started with learning how to find the best used Dodge cars, trucks, and SUVs for sale in the Columbia, South Carolina area.

How To Find The Best Dodge Cars for Sale in the Columbia, SC Area

There are lots of Dodge dealers in Columbia, SC, yet most of them end up with fake practices to mint money. You’ll have to stop yourself from being a victim to their glib talk. To seek out the best Dodge dealership in Columbia, SC, consult your buddies in case they have recently got a second-hand vehicle. 

This enables you to get the first-hand experience of a dealer’s history. If the suggestions aren’t coming, get the help of the World Wide Web. Simply enter “Dodge dealerships in Columbia, SC” and therefore you’ll get a whole lot of dealer’s website. 

Take the time to explore those sites. If you are amazed at a few of these, make a list and then refer to blogs to find out about peoples opinions with those dealers. Further, check the stock of the dealers on their website. This will help seek your selected Dodge cars in Columbia, SC and moreover save time as you actually visit the dealer.

How To Buy The Best Used Dodge Cars Columbia, SC Has For Sale

Make sure your Dodge car CPO Certified

CPO means Certified Pre-Owned. As used car market is growing, everything is more and more planned as well as certified. Carmakers now check if the used car that is ready for sale matches their pre-set quality criteria. They will inspect all part of the car to guarantee their quality. 

If the car passes the inspection, it is awarded the manufacturer’s warranty that will go over and above the warranty period of the new car. Price of a CPO car is a bit more than those of an uncertified car, but yet you are quality guaranteed. Besides, you happen to save lots on maintenance cost.

Verify that all the Papers are in Place

Never blindly have the car dealer’s words. Insist on all paperwork to check the reliability of statements. Also, ask the reason the owner is selling the car and moreover about its upkeep history. Well-known Dodge dealerships in Columbia, SC just like Chapman Dodge keep all necessary papers, ensuring that relief for the buyers.

Insist on taking a Test Drive

If the paperwork looks like in place and moreover the car seems to be in good shape, it is time to take a test drive. Genuine car dealers will let you take a test drive without hesitation. A cautious test drive will help you judge the performance of a car and as well as get to a decision.

Negotiate the Price

Once you are satisfied with the test drive, it is time to negotiate the price of a Dodge Cars in Columbia, SC. The golden rule for negotiation is not to show your desperation. But even after trying your best negotiation skills, the dealer is not bringing the price down and if the price appears too high as per your budget consider waiting for some time. 

But if the price seems to be reasonable, then go for it. Happily drive home your chosen Dodge car in Columbia, SC.

Top 5 Used Dodge Cars For Sale in Columbia, SC

1.  2016 Dodge Journey SXT

You will get this incredible car at $13,755. It is a four-wheel-drive car which supports automatic power transmission. You can get if from Fred Anderson Toyota of Columbia car dealership. Their address is 2136 Sunset Blvd, West Columbia, SC 29169.

2. 2010 Dodge Ram 1500 SLT

It is a four-wheel-drive car. It also supports automatic power transmission. 

You will get it from Carolina Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep RAM. They have authorized Dodge dealers and will sell you this car at $17,499. Their address is 891 U.S. 1, Lugoff, SC 29078.

3. 2018 Dodge Challenger SXT

This is an incredible car that supports an RWD drivetrain. It supports automatic power transmission. You will get it fro Carmax Columbia at $23,998 only. The address to this auto car dealer is 555 Jamil Rd, Columbia, SC 29210.

4. 2018 Dodge charger SXT Plus

Another incredible car that supports automatic power transmission. you will get if from a car dealership in Columbia SC by the name Galeana Chrysler-Jeep-Kia at $22,995 only. Their address is 180 Greystone Blvd., Columbia, SC 29210.

5. 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan AVP/SE

This car is available in Carmax Columbia at a price of $14,998. The address to this car dealership is 555 Jamil Rd, Columbia, SC 29210.

History Of The Dodge Car

The dodge company dates back to the 19th century. It was founded by two brothers who used to manufacture engines for old cars. However, demands and stress of the booming automobile industry, however, soon led the brothers to begin making their own model of vehicles.

The first car produced by these Brothers was known as the Dodge model 30. It was set up with ideal characteristics that were to become standards in later years.

A major turning point in the fortunes of Dodge motors was the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and the United States’ entry into WWII. The Dodge brand was particularly successful of the Chrysler line of products as a military vehicle because of the durability of its light trucks.

The post-war years and that era’s insatiable appetite for cars led to increased sales of automobiles across manufacturers, and Dodge enjoyed a revival in popularity among the civilian population (it was already a popular military transportation vehicle). 

The year 1953 saw the introduction of the first V8 engine, well in time for America’s discovery of the joys of freeway travel. The bigger, more powerful Dodge cars were received very well by the American public during this time and sales improved every year

In the modern-day, This vehicle is well-known for its power and aggression with models such as Dodge Charger, Dodge Dakota, Dodge RAM, and many others.

Dodge cars are very preferred amidst discerning car lovers because of their good performance and as well as dynamic appearance. However, as they come with a number of noteworthy characteristics Dodge cars don’t come in cheap. 

Many people find new Dodge cars in Columbia, SC somewhat too expensive. They prefer to purchase second-hand cars from Dodge dealers in Columbia, SC since the cost of a used car is drastically less than a brand new one. Besides, with so many Dodge car dealers in Columbia, SC, you’ll be able to get a well-maintained vehicle that’s within your budget.


Now, that you have all the top-secret information on how to find the best used Dodge cars for sale in the Columbia, SC area or anywhere in the United States really!  You should have no problems going out there and grabbing your dream car from one of the local used car dealerships that have it available.  

If you are still in search of more information on how and where to find the best used cars for sale in Columbia, SC or in your area, be sure to take some time to read through the following related articles.

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