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The need to find the best heating and air company near me is a thought and need that has raced through every homeowner and business owner’s mind at some point in life. We all know also finding a highly recommended and reliable local heating, ventilation, and air conditioning company that will provide you with cooling air duct cleaning services can prove to be a daunting task. 

There are some steps you need to take in order to find a reliable local HVAC company that offers air duct cleaning services and does a great job.

I have provided for you below those propers steps to take in order to find and hire the best HVAC contractors in your area that have won super service awards and are listed on Angie’s List.  Also, that offer all the services you will ever need for your home or offices water heater, heat pump or central air conditioning units.

For some tips on how to spot the difference between a professional duct cleaning that does wonders and scammers, take the time to watch the following video:

How To Find The Best HVAC Repair & Air Duct System Inspection Companies

1. Research Company

The first step is about researching the background and experience of the local HVAC company that is offering air duct cleaning services. You need to find out how long the local company you are about to hire, has been in business. 

This will help you determine the level of experience the company has with air duct cleaning. You should also ask the HVAC company for referrals from previous clients whom they have served. You will then try and reach these referrals and find out more about the company in terms of how they offer their services, their charges and their level of professionalism. 

You may also go ahead and seek proposals from neighbors, friends, and family for recommendations of the best HVAC companies in your area that offer air duct cleaning services. You should also make use of the internet and browse through the company’s website and get to know how long the company has been in business as well as be able to read through the testimonials.

2. Contact Better Business Bureau

The next step is contacting the Better Business Bureau (BBB) in order to verify whether the company you are hiring has not received a minimum number of customer complaints or too many of them. The BBB will help you find how the company you are about to hire to offer you a duct cleaning service has been reviewed and rated.

3. Ensure Company Has Insurance

One of the most important steps is determining if the heating and air conditioning company you are about to hire has insurance. You should ask the HVAC Company whether they have insurance and if they will cover damages in case personal property has been destroyed during the cleaning process.

4. Ask About Companies NADCA Certification

It is also very important to get to check if the HVAC Company that will be offering you duct cleaning services is part of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA). 

What you need to know is that companies that are NADCA certified are trained and in compliance safely and properly evaluate, restore and clean the heating and cooling systems. Ensure that the company you decide to hire is certified by NADCA.

5. Ask Company About Any Chemicals They May Use

Another important issue you need to look at is whether the heating and air conditioning company you are about to hire to offer you air duct cleaning services use chemical treatments or chemical bio-acids in your home. 

You should realize that the use of these chemicals will mean that there will be no future growth of biological matter in your air ducts but this may also be harmful to your health as well. If you decide to go for a company that normally uses chemical products, make sure that they have shown the label of the product so that you can be able to clearly see the instructions on them and verify if it is safe for use.

6. Ask About Companies Services & Saftey Measures

Another step you need to take is comparing the services offered by the companies you have contacted. You should know that a competent HVAC company should carefully inspect your system for existing asbestos, for it may require them to use some specialized cleaning procedures. 

The HVAC Company should actually ensure that they take proper measures to protect both you, the employees and the pets in the house from contamination. Competent HVAC companies that offer air duct cleaning should ensure that they have insulated any holes they created during the cleaning process.

7. Compare Rates & Services Between All HVAC Companies 

The other thing you need to do is verify the fees and rates charged by the different HVAC companies you have looked at. You should get an estimate from these companies determining if they will charge you by the hour or by the procedure and this way you will be aware of the cost you are about to accrue. 

You should also go ahead and receive a written agreement that outlines all the fees and costs associated with the services to avoid disagreements and disputes in the future. It is important to call at least 3 different companies to compare rates before you make a decision.

8. Enquire About Time frame of Job Completion

Another important step is determining how long it will take the company to properly clean your air ducts. This is very important as you may be required to make plans and leave the house or make an alternative arrangement if the cleaning procedure is going to take a couple of days or hours or if the service will be split up over a number of days.

9. Ask About EPA Certification

A very important point that businesses and homeowners should remember is to never use companies that claim to be certified by EPA (environmental protection agency) because EPA usually does not approve, endorse or certify HVAC companies that offer the air duct cleaning service.

Now that we have covered the best steps to take to find the best local heating and air conditioner company that offers quality air duct cleaning among all the other HVAC services that are needed, let’s now take a look at the importance of a clean air duct system.

Importance Of A Clean HVAC System Air Duct

Facts about air duct cleaning

Having clean air ducts is very important in ensuring that indoor air quality is good. Actually, in every home, dust may begin to settle in your ductwork after just a few hours of non-movement. 

The moment the system begins to move, the dust also starts to move. The problem is that it does not just stay in the ductwork. In fact, it comes out into the office area or the living space and starts settling on furniture and other materials in the room. If your HVAC Company cleans the air ducts from within, then that will result in an overall cleaner working or living space.

Having clean air ducts ensures that bad odors and smells are removed. You should be aware that every home has its own unique smell. Sometimes this is usually a good thing but not always. 

What normally makes these unique smells last in offices and homes for long is the paint fumes, pets, and food, cleaning agents, mildew, tobacco use and many more. If you have hired a competent HVAC company that can properly clean air ducts, then these odors can be gradually eliminated and your office or home will enjoy a renewed level of freshness.

Air duct cleaning systems improve indoor air quality


Now that you know how to find the best HVAC company in your area to clean the air ducts in both your home or business as well as the importance of keeping your heating and cooling unit air ducts clean you are prepared for anything that may come your way.  

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