Heating and Cooling Repairman Scams To Look Out For

Does Your HVAC System Need Repair Work? 

HVAC repair

 If you are in need of a heating and cooling repairman because your HVAC system is not producing hot or cool air the way it is supposed to but are not sure how to find quality HVAC companies that will help you day or night as well as 7 days a week, this article just may be able to help.

When hiring an HVAC repair contractor, you will always find it a little bit tricky to distinguish legitimate heat and air contractors and those who are just after the money. You will often hear homeowners complaining about being conned money by unscrupulous HVAC contractors. 

For a look at some HVAC scams to beware of, be sure to watch the following video:

Here are some more of the most common commercial and residential HVAC scams to look out for when hiring an HVAC company to perform repair, service, and maintenances services on both commercial and residential heating and air conditioning systems.

Scams To Beware Of When Hiring HVAC Repair Contractors

Scam 1:Your Heating and Cooling System is Broken and You Need A New One

Everyone knows that HVAC units get broken beyond repair and sometimes we are required to replace them with new ones. The scam comes in when an unscrupulous HVAC contractor points out on a perfectly good part and starts highlighting why it is bad and the reason why you need a new one. You should be on the lookout for this kind of scam.

How do you identify this particular scam?

It is not difficult to figure out this scam. You need to know if the building is being heated or cooled if the unit is producing more noise than usual if there is a bad smell being generated from the vents or units. If you find out nothing of that sort is happening, then there is nothing wrong with your unit. You need to carry out your own research before agreeing to have the work done.

Scam 2:Oversized AC Units

Problems with an oversize AC unit

One thing you need to know is that with HVAC units, bigger is not always better. If you find out that a contractor is pushing you to go for the biggest HVAC unit with no regard to the size of your building then that should ring a bell. 

The reality is oversized heat and air conditioner units will be more expensive to purchase and install. It will also become more expensive to run overtime. One thing the unit should do is cycle on and off as little as possible. 

When a unit that is large it will be able to adjust the temperature quickly but then it shuts down instantly. Then it restarts again and shuts down etc. this should not be natural at all because the unit should be consistent if it has been sized in a proper way.

How to Identify this Scam

Just ask the contractor the numbers and formula they use to calculate the size and load of the unit they are recommending.

Scam 3: The Fake-Out

This is a common scam as the contractor comes and claims to have replaced the issue and that in a few days the problem should clear up. This is a total scam because replacing a unit should fix the issue instantly and the result should be immediate.

Scam 4: A Contractor calls Claiming They are Coming on Behalf of a Given Company

This trick is common because these contractors will always offer free inspection in an effort to lure you to work with them. They will use the names of well-known companies to make you believe in them.

How to identify this scam?

Unless they come with a company’s van which has the logo of the company, then they are not legit at all. The big companies have a policy that hinders HVAC technicians from going to a customer’s house to perform HVAC services on a personal vehicle.

Scam 5: A Contractor Using a Used Parts to Fix The Problem

If you ever call an HVAC contractor to come and fix a faulty HVAC unit on your premises, they should never replace a broken part with another used part. This should immediately ring a bell and you should know you are dealing with an unscrupulous HVAC technician. 

The used part will normally not last for long and was possibly replaced by another client. You should never ever buy used parts to replace the faulty ones in your unit.

Scam 6: Frequent Tune-Ups

Normally tune-ups are very important in ensuring your HVAC system is operating efficiently and producing good air quality. Normally, you can have tune-ups done every once in a year. Unscrupulous HVAC contractors will try and schedule these tune-ups before every season and at other times even more frequent. You should not buy their lies.

AC tune-up

You can easily identify this scam since tune-ups should only be done once every year. You should, therefore, ensure the contractor you hire is from a reputable company.

There are a few critical questions one should ask an HVAC contractor before getting down to business with them. They include the following:

Questions To Ask Every HVAC Repair and Service Contractor Before Hiring

1. Are They Licensed and Insured? 

Every state normally requires HVAC technicians to be licensed. If not you should not hire them at all. Hiring a contractor who is insured is also good because even when something goes wrong while they are working at your premises, you will not be liable.

2. How Long HVAC They Been In The Industry?

This question will help you know how experienced the HVAC contractor is. You should go for contractors who have years of experience.

3. Can They Provide References From Past Customers?

Each and every HVAC contractor will give you a written estimate explaining the kind of work to be done and the cost it will accrue. They should also offer you with some references. Getting in touch with their past customers and asking about the company’s customer service skills will help you understand the kind of technician you are about to hire.

Now that you know what kind of questions you should ask, let’s now take a look at the certifications and insurance every heating and air contractor should obtain.

Certificates & Insurance Every HVAC Contractor Should Have

Here is a list of certifications and insurances every HVAC contractor should have before you hire them.

The EPA Certification

This is for contractors who deal with small appliances, low-pressure appliances, and high-pressure appliances. Almost every HVAC contractor should produce this certificate.

The types of insurance include:

  • Commercial auto insurance
  • Commercial general liability insurance
  • Business property and equipment insurance
  • Workers’ compensation insurance
  • Professional liability insurance
  • Surety Bonds for HVAC contractors

The HVAC contractor you hire should at least have one of these insurance covers. They will be of great help in case an accident happens when they are working on your heating and cooling units. An HVAC contractor who is certified and insured is what many homeowners look for because they guarantee a quality service.


Now that you know what scams to look out for when hiring an HVAC contractor for furnace repair, HVAC repair, or water heater installation jobs there is no need to panic the next time your heating and cooling system stops working.

If you are curious about more information regarding how to find the best HVAC repairman in your area as well as what to look out for to avoid being scammed, be sure to read the following related articles.

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